Automotive PR – In Automotive PR news, Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is continuing to take the world by storm and has launched a brand new venture in South-East Asia – BAC Taiwan.

BAC has been exporting its world-renowned Mono supercar to the small island off the east coast of China for a number of years, but it will now benefit from a specially appointed dealer.

With exclusive rights in the territory, BAC Taiwan has signed a one-year deal with the Liverpool-based manufacturer and will have five stunning Monos to sell over the course of 12 months.

The bespoke supercar is a completely unique product that has captured the imaginations of driving purists all around the globe. A true British success story, BAC has exported the Mono to 28 territories worldwide across five continents; and such is the brilliance of the car that new ground is being regularly broken.

Taiwan has an incredibly rich motorsport history and an immense love for driving, which is why the Mono has been so widely desired across the nation despite it being a track-only model.

BAC Taiwan will sell from two locations: the capital city of Taipei and the major port city of Kaohsiung, which are both in close proximity of major racing circuits.

The Longtan National Speedway is less than an hour from the capital, while Taiwan’s most famous track, Penbay International Circuit, is just 45 kilometres from Kaohsiung. These locations are extremely upmarket and wealthy, which makes them perfect for BAC.

This is a ground-breaking venture for BAC. Having such a presence in a territory where the Mono isn’t road-legal is a truly monumental feat and sets the company up to break new ground around the world.

BAC Taiwan was launched as part of another big deal for the British manufacturer, as it renewed its contract in South-East Asia for two years.

BAC Hong Kong caters to Mono fans from Hong Kong and China as well as Taiwan, and it will continue to do so on 12- and 24-car deals until the end of 2018.

Managing Director of BAC Hong Kong, Duncan Lee, said: “We are absolutely delighted to sign a new deal with Neill and Ian Briggs and the guys at BAC. BAC Hong Kong has been a huge success since it opened in late 2015 and interest in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan has been forever growing. We’re very much looking forward to catering for demand across the territories and distributing more and more Monos over the next two years.”

Neill Briggs, BAC Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, added: “We’re absolutely thrilled to launch BAC Taiwan and continue our expansion around the world. Having a specialist dealer in a country where the Mono isn’t road-legal is testament to just how impressive a machine it is and just how competitive it is as a track car. Taiwanese people love their cars and, clearly, they’re big fans of the remarkable engagement and accessibility of the Mono.”

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