Automotive PR – In Automotive PR news, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), the US$21billion communications technology leader from Sweden, announces the launch of its Connected Vehicle Marketplace (CVM) at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress – the world’s largest gathering for the mobile technology transport industry.

Also confirmed today is Ericsson’s first CVM customer – Swedish heavy goods vehicle (HGV) maker, Scania, with its launch of ‘Scania One’.

CVM is a game-changing white label solution aimed at reducing the complexities of building digital service ‘ecosystems’ for the growing global population of connected vehicles.  Analysts predict the size of the global connected vehicle fleet will total 382 million by 2025*.  The connected fleet of Scania trucks already numbers 250,000 units – amounting to two-thirds of all Scania vehicles sold in the past five years.

Scania One is a digital, open customer platform that gives fleet owners, drivers and fleet owners’ customers, access to services and data to include fleet management, route planning, transport flow, fuel economy, optimum driving style and much more – all developed to increase efficiency, safety and productivity.

Already, 50,000 Scania customers are utilising connected vehicle fleets, and report up to 10%** gains in fuel economy and a desire to only buy connected vehicles in future.

Through its connected vehicles, Scania knows the logistical flow in the operations of fleet owners’ customers, ranging from large-scale construction sites, to public transport, to long haul transport.  With Scania One, the digital tools are at the disposal of fleet owners and drivers to ensure gains in these flows are realised and waste is minimalised.

Henrik Henriksson, Scania President and CEO, said: “Compared to many other industries, transport is making rapid progress in digitalisation.  However, we cannot make this shift alone and our partnership with Ericsson is a great example of the kind of partnership that moves both our industries forward.  Now we are taking serious steps translating the partnership into real business for us with bottom line impact for our customers.”

Building on the success of the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud, CVM is a controlled and secure environment for vehicle manufacturers to provide new digital services for their drivers’ perusal, and in turn, deepen the relationship between manufacturers, vehicles and drivers.  The solution is the first of its kind and will enable manufacturers to fully manage the inclusion of third-party digital services seamlessly and efficiently, all integrated into one digital marketplace.

CVM provides access to the largest and widest variety of data available in the automotive sector, allowing manufacturers to quickly and securely deploy – via secure, dependable streaming – an infinite number of applications, services and content to vehicles and drivers.  Network reliability and performance is managed by Ericsson, allowing manufacturers and partners to focus on innovating.

With the rapidly growing number of connected vehicles on our roads – both for commercial vehicles and passenger cars – there has been no way for manufacturers to share data with third parties efficiently, securely and in a scale-able manner, until now.  CVM enables this in a digitally connected ‘ecosystem’ that allows partners and innovators to create and invent new telematics services for the automotive industry.

Borje Ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson, said: “Empowering innovation is crucial, and is an essential component of the successful future of the automotive sector.  We are committed to enabling the right mix of connectivity, security and ideas across all industries, and today’s launch of Connected Vehicle Marketplace is one example of this.”

Roger Lanctot, Associate Director of Strategy Analytics’ global automotive practice, added: “Ericsson is in a position to deliver almost any content, service or application to any device or user, whether it’s in the home, a car or on a mobile device.  Connected Vehicle Marketplace is launched as a direct result of this unique position and thanks to Ericsson’s revolutionary horizontal Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.  It is, effectively, the world’s first Automotive ‘App Store’ .”

Data integrity has been a concern for parties involved in such connected ecosystems, and establishing complete trust is paramount in engaging the various parties in this connected revolution.  With this in mind, Ericsson has ensured that data integrity is a centrepiece of the new CVM in a secure system that allows all parties to manage – on an individual or vehicle level – which data is shared with which party.

The Connected Vehicle Cloud and Marketplace are powered by Ericsson’s revolutionary IoT solution – bringing secure, world-class mobile connectivity management and offering rapid IoT deployment and monetization capabilities to billions of users in more than 180 countries around the world.

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