Classic Car PR:

  • Reintroduction of 30 E-type panels for Jaguar E-type added to Heritage Parts catalogue – ‘even better than the originals’
  • Bodyshell of original roadster and coupe digitally scanned in 3D and transferred into CAD – using new car manufacturing techniques and expertise
  • World-class quality, using state-of-the-art technology
  • Parts available to order through Jaguar’s global sales network

The all-original and complete set of body panels for the Series 1 Jaguar E-type and selected parts of Series 2 and 3, are now available to order from Jaguar Heritage Parts.

In order to provide world-class quality for E-type customers, Jaguar’s skilled technicians and engineers employed state-of-the-art scanning technology to digitally map every inch of an E-type in 3D. Once scanned, the highly detailed scans are transferred to CAD images to create a complete and virtual model of the car to ensure perfect panel alignment.

The exact dimensions and shapes of the inner and outer surfaces and recorded to within a fraction of a millimetre. Once the entire car is digitally mapped, Jaguar Heritage is then able to test the quality and accuracy of each panel plus the original tooling used to make it. Each part is meticulously measured on an E-type body for final adjustments before final production, thus ensuring a complete and true rendition of Jaguar’s famous sportscar.

By transferring the skills and expertise gained from making the Lightweight E-type, Jaguar’s Heritage business is continuing to deliver on its promise to support its loyal customers in preserving and maintaining their cherished E-type to the highest possible standards.

Tim Hannig, Director, Jaguar Land Rover Heritage, said: “We’ve taken huge steps to ensure that we are now providing the highest quality E-type panels on the market. This has been achieved using the original factory drawings and designs of the
E-type, combined with state-of-the art new tooling. In fact, you could say that our customers are now able to buy panels, even better than the originals.”

The E-type continues to endear itself to owners and fans alike more than five decades after it was launched and it is important that each of the new body panels maintains the originality of the car. Jaguar Heritage’s skilled engineers have used experience gained reverse engineering the Lightweight E-type to ensure the utmost quality and precision of every item. With these new panels Jaguar Heritage is ensuring that the brand’s heritage and the cherished E-type continue to be enjoyed for many more decades to come.”

Furthermore, Jaguar’s Heritage workshop at Browns Lane in Coventry, offers warrantied servicing and restoration services for E-type as well as all of Jaguar’s classic models.

The launch of the all-original E-type panels follows on from Jaguar’s recent introduction of three exhaust kits for the iconic sportscar, which are fabricated, like the body panels, to original specification – including that unmistakeable sound. In addition to this, Jaguar Land Rover’s Heritage business has also introduced seven specially formulated engine and gear oils designed for use in all pre-1980 Jaguar and Land Rover Heritage models.

Jaguar Heritage offers a growing and comprehensive catalogue of over 30,000+ spare and replacement parts for a range of Heritage models 10 years out of production.

James Andrews


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