LEVC is delighted to premiere a Nordic version of its all-new electric TX six-seater taxi at the region’s largest electric vehicle summit.

This version of the range extended electric taxi is left-hand drive and comes with a Scandinavian inspired trim. In addition, it has been wrapped in the Flag of Norway to celebrate the TX’s close ties to Norway through suppliers like Hydro and our extensive vehicle testing in the region. We also pay tribute to our many other Nordic suppliers, including Volvo Cars, all of which makes the TX a striking addition to the Nordic EV Summit.

Chris Gubbey, CEO of LEVC said:“This is an incredibly exciting time for the company, for Northern Europe, for the air we breathe and for commercial vehicle drivers across the region.”

“To date taxi drivers in Norway have lacked a viable electric taxi which has held back electrification of the sector in an otherwise world-leading EV market. By appearing in the Flag of Norway, we also demonstrate our vehicle’s close links to the country – and demonstrate that we are here to support Norway’s bold EV transition by providing drivers with the right technology solution to confidently make the switch to cleaner, more efficient taxis today. All of which will help Norway meet its ambitious climate commitments.”


Jan Kåre Holmedal, Managing Director of Autoindustri AS said: “This is an exciting step for Autoindustri AS, and a great opportunity to introduce a new electric vehicle brand to Norway. We look forward to working with LEVC and establishing the business as Norway’s urban commercial vehicle provider of choice. We see huge potential for such environmental product as the LEVC TX Electric Taxi being introduced in Norway.”

The all-new electric zero-emissions-capable LEVC TX showcases its eCity technology for the first time, comprising an advanced battery electric powertrain with a small petrol generator giving drivers complete range assurance and flexibility while be able to operate with zero emissions in urban centres.

Our Norwegian vehicles will be fitted with geo-fencing technology, this system will ensure that the vehicle always runs in zero emission mode while in city centres – with the petrol range extender only in operation on intercity journeys – providing a flexible EV solution that meets the requirements of both city regulators and commercial operators.

eCity technology is purposefully designed with these kinds of commercial operators in mind – those that face demanding and unpredictable duty cycles, require complete range assurance on intercity journeys, but demand zero-emissions capability to meet the clean air challenges of urban centres around the world. Applied to the TX, the technology allows for a range of around 640km (400 miles) including 128km (80 miles) range in pure electric mode.

To ensure significant fuel savings for drivers, a key part of encouraging them to make the transition to a range-extended electric vehicle, LEVC has combined our eCity technology with a lightweight aluminium-bonded structure. This extends vehicle range and significantly reduces fuel costs for drivers and operators. The aluminium that LEVC TX uses is supplied by Hydro Extruded Solutions, formerly known as Sapa and now part of the global, fully integrated aluminium company Norsk Hydro.

Hydro Extruded Solutions is world-leading in the extrusions market, and serve local and global customers in about 40 countries. A key market is automotive, manufacturing aluminium components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The automotive industry is the fastest-growing market segment for aluminium suppliers, driven by aluminium’s ability to reduce weight, which helps decrease fuel consumption and improves all-around performance in the vehicle.

Hydro, then Sapa, re-opened its Bedwas plant in Wales to supply the growing automotive industry demand for lightweight body structure solutions, including the aluminium structural body for the LEVC new electrical taxi. This as a good example of how the company is growing in advanced materials markets fuelled by demands for lighter vehicles and more sustainable materials.

Egil Hogna, EVP of Hydro Extruded Solutions said: This is a good example of how Norwegian industry collaborates with international players to develop new and more sustainable solutions, using core expertise such as our aluminium know-how. Aluminium is the material of the future; it is strong, lightweight and infinitely recyclable, which makes it the metal of choice to develop lighter vehicles. We are looking forward to seeing the iconic London taxi with ‘a little Norway inside’ on the roads – not only here in Norway, but around the world.”

LEVC is also proud to announce that Fortum Charge & Drive intends to be an infrastructure partner for Scandinavia. Fortum Charge & Drive is a pioneer in electric vehicle charging and has a network of over 1800 affiliated smart chargers in 16 countries. Charge & Drive aims to respond to an increasing global demand in emobility, by providing world-class cloud solutions. LEVC chose to partner with Fortum as they are a leading clean-energy company that provides its customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency.

Charge & Drive Cloud provides an intuitive end-user interface and a comprehensive back-end system that supports Charge Point Operators in the remote management of Charging Stations. This partnership agreement covers Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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