Auto Tech PR – In auto tech PR news, Lynk & Co, the global connected and shareable mobility brand, reveals its ‘Duo-Star Strategy’ at the 15th Beijing International Auto Show with the production-ready debut of the second SUV in its range, the 02.

Auto Tech PR: New Lynk & Co 02, revealed in Amsterdam last month is ‘production ready’

Lynk & Co Senior Vice President, Alain Visser, said:

“We are embarking on a focused launch strategy of introducing two differentiated SUVs to meet the diverse demands of urban customers around the world. While our 01 is a premium mid-size SUV with world-class connectivity, shareability and usability at its core. The 02 is more adventurous and sporty with greater focus on the driver.  It is smaller than the 01, and in Europe we would describe it more as a ‘crossover’ for consumers seeking even more individuality with bold and confident styling and driving characteristics.  Our aim is to make a big impact, globally, on the mainstream SUV market with these two striking new vehicles.”

Lynk & Co Head of Design, Andreas Nilsson, describes the 02:

Sporty, adventurous, dynamic, daring, confident and fun, the 02 sits at the absolute centre of our brand.  A shorter wheelbase, lower ride height and centre of gravity – combined with two-tone colour-schemes and softer, voluptuous surfaces, muscular haunches and wheel-arches – give 02 a solid and confident stance while being agile and sporty in character.  Immediately identifiable as a member of the Lynk & Co family, it is also unique on the inside and out.  02 is a really remarkable looker in our line-up.”

At the 02 global reveal event in Amsterdam last month, a new fashion and homewear collaboration was launched with Tictail, the online marketplace home to the world’s greatest emerging designers. Entitled The City Dweller Series, this collection will be launched in late summer and will be available as a limited launch series exclusively through the global social shopping leader.

In Beijing today, following an initial collaboration for Shanghai Fashion Week, a new partnership was confirmed with Chinese designer JINNNN.  These two collaborations with both Tictail and JINNNN embody Lynk & Co’s promise to offer more than ‘just the car’.  The product of the JINNN collaboration is a series of cross-industry products following the megacity design philosophy which include fashionwear and accessories with integrated Lynk & Co’s design features such as the ‘energy cube’ rear lights and urban imagery.

Lynk & Co 02 production for China has commenced at the Zhangjiakou plant in Hebei province, northern China, with sales to start from mid-June 2018.

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