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  • has attracted tens of thousands of new users just weeks after opening its site for registration
  • Manufacturers including the likes of Ferrari, Ford, Toyota and Maserati are all on board, with 34 confirmed and registered accounts
  • Tens of thousands of members have signed up, with significant numbers joining every day
  • All new members have the option to be entered into a draw to win a new Fiat 500
  • Lovecars is a new global community, which is set to shake up the world of automotive social media
  • Aimed at car lovers and car users, Lovecars lets users share photos, videos and thoughts on all things automotive
  • More features planned ahead of the full public launch

Bristol, 3 February 2016. Lovecars is set to shake up the world of automotive social media, with the new website bringing a fresh approach to the world of discussing all things car-related online.

The new site will allow car fans to have their own part of the internet where they can share pictures and videos. They will also be able to post their review of any car ever made. In the future, fans will also be able to spec up their ‘Dream Garage,’ which allows them to virtually collect their favourite cars of all time and compete against an online global league.

Lovecars has seen a rapid expansion since it opened up to the public at the end of 2015 and aims to be the go-to place for every fact, figure, photo and conversation about any car you could possibly imagine.  The new social media site for lovers of all things cars already has tens of thousands of members of the public signed up, just a few weeks after it opened for registration.

As well as the thousands of members of the public that are signed up, Lovecars has also attracted a high level of interest from the car industry itself, with as many as 34 different manufacturers already on board with officially confirmed and verified accounts.

The registered manufacturers include big names such as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Mazda, Pagani, Tesla and Volkswagen. All the manufacturers concerned have verified their accounts, and will be able to use Lovecars to talk directly to car fans in a way that no other social media site has allowed them to before.

Members, clubs and automotive brands alike will be able to post their own photos, links, and share their thoughts on cars, either their own or ones they have driven.

Behind the social element lies a large database that aims to be the biggest and most comprehensive of any car site, providing information on every car ever made.

Members who have registered in the first few weeks include several notable names from the world of cars, including bloggers, photographers and car collectors from around the world.

Those already signed up include video blogger and social media star Shmee150, otherwise known as Tim Burton, whose videos on ‘Living the supercar dream’ are watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Fellow automotive online stars Alex Smolik, Alex Penfold and Aimee Shackelford (aka @petrolgirl) are all signed up to Lovecars, too.

Other big names from the world of cars signed up include the world-famous supercar rally, Gumball 3000, and automotive meetup group Cars and Coffee.

The team behind Lovecars is based in Bristol, England, and headed by CEO Paul Woodman. Woodman was the inspiration behind the founding of Lovecars, which was born from a life-long passion for all things cars, and a successful career in the technology industry. Paul is well connected in the world of cars, enjoying personal relationships with many of the world’s leading car owners, collectors and dealers. also recently named him as one of the top 10 automotive social media entrepreneurs worth following. His Lovecars username is “pww”.

Paul said: “We are delighted with the popularity of Lovecars in the first few weeks since we opened up registration to the public. It’s fantastic to see so many important names from the world of cars join us on the site and, with thousands of new users signing up every week, we hope to welcome many more very soon.”

Alongside CEO Paul Woodman, the other members of the team behind Lovecars include Oliver Kenyon, chief operations officer, Andy Haskins, chief technical officer, and head of sales Torquil Rowley.

Oliver started his career as a chef, but a change of direction took him into the world of online technology and internet marketing. He joined Lovecars with a proven track record of building and managing online forums, and is known simply as “k” on Lovecars.

Andy has 10 years experience of building and working on websites, and looks after the technical side of Lovecars, including the team of developers working hard to create all of the new features that are planned for the coming months. He’s known on Lovecars as “andy”.

Torquil Rowley is head of sales and has worked in the automotive industry most of his life, working directly with manufacturers, dealer groups, leasing companies and agencies on pretty much everything car related. Torquil is the main liaison between manufacturers and automotive brands. You can find him on Lovecars as “etar”.

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