Motorsport PR – In motorsport PR news, despite the UK’s global reputation in motorsport, little is known of the roots of the legendary “Motorsport Valley®’ that facilitates such activity. Industry expert and Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), which created and owns this trademark, CEO Chris Aylett outlines the birth and consistent strengthening of this motorsport hub.

“After World War II, Britain had many automobile manufacturers. Each had an R+D department whose engineers regularly relied on their motorsport department to test new ideas on track at weekends before applying these developments to cars. As these many firms began to close down or merged, the UK was left with a superb resource of R+D based engineers who loved competition and motorsport.”

“By the 1980s, UK firm Cosworth had become a dominant force with their DFV engine in Formula 1, the most important global motorsport series which Bernie Ecclestone was growing fast, and Britain became home to most F1 engineering suppliers.”

“Britain is a small country. As motorsport relies on fast deliveries, proximity is very important to customers and suppliers in Motorsport Valley®. UK motorsport companies are ‘born global’ and have grown by supplying many other series around the world which demand our skills and efficiency.”

“Motorsport Valley® has built up a strong base of education within the UK, with 15 universities and over 200 colleges teaching motorsport throughout the country so preserving the future of these skills. This is critical tin keeping this supply chain strong for years to come.”

“Due to the major technology disruption in automotive powertrains, there is a strong focus on R+D which is perfectly suited to Motorsport Valley® companies. What’s more, the companies within Motorsport Valley are perfectly placed to produce the electric and hybrid technologies needed for the motorsport of the future.”

“Motorsport Valley not only has a strong heritage, but is constantly innovating, reinventing itself and focused on the future. That’s the reason why it will continue to play a key role in international motorsport for many years to come.”

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