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Carwow introduces new ‘in-stock’ feature enabling dealers to advertise stock cars for now enables dealers to upload their stock lists to the site, completely free of charge

  • carwow users looking for a new car can browse dealers’ stock cars if they don’t want to wait for a new car to be built
  • More than 50,000 people build a car through carwow each month, providing dealers with a huge audience of potential car buyers
  • New ‘in-stock’ feature is seamlessly integrated in to the existing user experience
  • carwow users typically save around £3,600, and more than 10,000 cars have been sold with the help of carwow this year alone

London, 13 October, 2015. – the site for Britain’s new-car buyers – now enables dealers to upload their stock lists to the site, completely free of charge. Once users have specified a car and been given a list of offers from carwow-approved dealers, they will now be able to click on an ‘in-stock cars’ tab, showing them the relevant cars that a specific dealer has in stock.

Unlike traditional methods of selling stock cars, which usually involve advertising them at great expense to the dealerships, the carwow ‘in-stock’ feature only charges dealers a flat £250 fee when a stock car is sold. If users are interested in a stock car, they can either enquire directly through the carwow system or call the dealer, quoting a reference code displayed on the site.

Already 30 per cent of cars sold through are stock cars, and this new bespoke ‘in-stock’ functionality will help more customers find the right car for them without having to wait for it to be built. It’s good news for dealers, who can now advertise existing stock to carwow’s 50,000 monthly potential car-buyers for free.

The new ‘in-stock’ feature is seamlessly integrated within the existing user experience on, offering buyers another way to get exactly the car they want, when they want it and offering car dealers much faster stock turnover.

It’s the latest innovation from a website that makes new-car buying a completely transparent and hassle-free process for both dealers and buyers. Only the best-rated dealers in Britain are accepted by carwow, and those offering the best customer service will be more visible to buyers, giving them more opportunities to sell their existing stock cars.

On average, carwow saves its users £3,600 off the price of a new car, and users have bought more than £350,000,000-worth of cars through This year alone more than 10,000 cars have been sold with the help of carwow.


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