Porsche 917K Leads Host of Endurance Racing Legends at Concours of Elegance 2018

Rare Car PR

In rare car PR news, Hampton Court Palace will play host to a selection of global endurance racing legends from 31 August to 2 September. Appearing among over sixty of the rarest cars ever created are a series of motorsport icons, spearheaded by the Porsche 917K driven by Steve McQueen in the classic film Le Mans.

But this car was more than just a silver screen star, it was a genuinely successful racer on-track. Despite sustaining damage during filming for Le Mans, it was built again and won at Daytona, Monza, the Osterreichring, Spa and Monthlery in 1971.

Rare Car PR: Porsche 917K driven by Steve McQueen in Hollywood’s Le Mans is one highlight at Concours of Elegance this year


Visitors to the Concours of Elegance will also have the chance to see the iconic Mercedes CLK LM. The LM was based on the CLK GTR, which won the FIA GT Championship in both 1997 and 1998. Fitted with a V8 thought to be more suited to prolonged speeds than the GTR’s V12 to, as well as a new aerodynamic package, it was honed specifically for 24 hours of racing at Le Mans. Despite qualifying in 1st and 3rd during the 1997 Le Mans 24 Hours, both retired with engine failure.

No motorsport celebration would be complete without the legendary Ford GT40. Concours of Elegance will bring a Gulf-liveried car, which competed in the Competition Sports Cars category with a 4.7-litre engine during 1968. This was raced by Paul Hawkins and David Hobbs to fourth place at the Spa 1000km race, in May 1968.

This year’s event is the largest and most diverse yet. It features one of the most incredible car collections ever seen in the Main Concours and multiple other special motoring features. The Harry’s Garage feature, for example, will gather a selection of the fastest four-door cars ever created. Meanwhile, the Future Concours will feature the latest coachbuilt, one-off and limited run supercars.

Concours of Elegance Director

Concours of Elegance Director, Andrew Evans, said: “We believe at the Concours of Elegance that every car has a story. These incredible racing cars each have quite the tale to tell. There’s a reason that each of these cars is instantly recognisable to motor racing fans all over the world. And we feel privileged enough to have them all in one place, gathered at Hampton Court Palace.”

Concours of Elegance is working with multiple organisations to offer bespoke experiences for visitors, including the Octane Tour, on Sunday. To join the Octane Tour contact iain@thoroughevents.co.uk.

The Concours has also partnered with Tom’s Kitchen – founded by Tom Aikens – to offer new deli picnics for visitors. Presented in individual jute bags, the picnics will include a substantial chicken or vegetarian main course. As well as that, there will be salads, a fruit box and a delicious strawberry and white chocolate dessert.

Tickets to the Concours of Elegance are on sale now, available from: www.concoursofelegance.co.uk/tickets

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