Bicester Heritage welcomed over 5,500 guests for its last Sunday Scramble of 2018 this weekend. Hosting a spectacular selection of vintage, classic, modern and racing cars. Bringing a vast crowd of automotive enthusiasts to former RAF Bicester.

Automotive Attendance

An incredible array of cars was in attendance, making it the largest October event yet. A heady mix of automotive excellence from the likes of the latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS. A stunning original pre-war Rolls-Royce Phantom I. Plus, everything in between was on display for visitors to admire. An instant fan favourite from the event came in the form of the Dick Lovett Cylinder Club. Which took over Hangar 113 with more than 100 supercars and modern classics.

Bicester Heritage holds biggest Sunday Scramble October event to date - 5,500 automotive fans attended the final event of 2018, ending the year on a high - Photo Credit Amy shore

Bicester Heritage Vehicles

The specialists of Bicester Heritage also put on a fantastic show. Firstly, presenting a range of vehicles from their stunning collections, as well as some of their latest workmanship. Robert Glover Ltd and Kingsbury Racing displayed a breath-taking line-up of some of their favourite Vauxhalls, Talbots and Bentleys outside their showrooms. Whereas, Pendine Historics showcased a sublime Sebring-winning Group C Nissan NPT-90 within its patinated ‘Blast House’ showroom.

More Than Cars

There weren’t just cars at the event, however. A vast display of classic bicycles surrounded the Golden Age Cycles store. Additionally, Finest Hour Experiences and the Bicester Gliding Centre made certain that the skies above the final ‘Scramble’ of 2018 were filled with plenty of aviation action. On top of this, visitors were greeted by displays from Aston Martin Works. As well as, a selection of new tenants who recently opened their doors at Bicester Heritage. NewsPress Creative, Vintage Tyres and Howson Media.

The Mercedes AMG F1 team attracted as large-a-crowd as ever. Showing off Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 Austin Spec F1 car and wowing onlookers with start-ups and revs from the racecar. Which holds 7 wins, 6 poles and 11 podiums. Wriggly Monkey Brewery also showcased its latest beer, aptly named ‘Super Sports’. Of which proved an instant hit and a perfect accompaniment to the dynamic event and historic scenery.

Heritage Skills Academy

Heritage Skills Academy, the home of historic vehicle apprenticeships, captivated its workshop audience with English Wheel demonstrations. Meanwhile, KW Special Projects were scanning historic vehicles to engineer into 3D virtual drawings live on-screen.

Bicester Heritage holds biggest Sunday Scramble October event to date - 5,500 automotive fans attended the final event of 2018, ending the year on a high - Photo Credit Amy shore

Hagerty Insurance UK

Hagerty Insurance UK, whose Valuation Arena has proven to be especially popular at the Sunday Scramble. Will be donating the £270 raised at the event to the British Motorsport Marshals Club in memory of their late President Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams.

The Sunday Scramble has become a must-see event. Giving enthusiasts a chance to come together and share their passion. With over 40 specialists on site, across a plethora of workshops, showrooms and buildings. Charming enthusiasts and visitors throughout the entirety of Sunday’s show.

Notably, the next ‘Scramble’ will be the intrepid ‘season opener’ at the start of 2019. Which challenges all avid enthusiasts to kick the year off in style with a jaunt to Bicester Heritage. In the depths of winter on the 6th January, 2019.

Dan Geoghegan, Managing Director of Bicester Heritage, commented:

“It was the perfect family Scramble that exemplifies the broad church that Bicester Heritage has become. The range of motorcars was staggering. From the Phantom I chassis driven here to a Citroen BX GTi. All amidst the perfect backdrop and blue skies. Thus, providing an ambient hubbub for enthusiasts and neighbours alike. What a day!”

“We particularly enjoyed introducing new specialists Vintage Tyres and Howson Media to thousands of enthusiasts. As well as, welcoming The Cylinder Club who completely filled the hangar where part of Darkest Hour was filmed.”