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Automotive PR

Automotive PR
  • Automotive PR

Influence Associates specialises in all areas of automotive PR. Sometimes we joke that if it has four wheels then we cover it. Although, we are also proud to represent Morgan and therefore promote three wheelers too!

We are retained by some of the biggest car companies in the world at HQ level, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Geely and Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Our main role is to support the development of their communications strategy and help build and develop their brands globally as well as, promote their products and automotive experiences across the world.

We represent many of the world’s leading and most famous specialist car companies such as Singer, Ariel and Morgan, often being their sole agency and handling all their brand, PR and communications needs globally. Working for the top automotive (tier 1) suppliers e.g Michelin, we were pioneers of electric vehicle PR. Therefore, we are at the forefront of communicating the three technologies transforming the automotive industry – electrification, autonomous vehicles and connectivity.

We have decades of automotive event PR expertise managing and delivering automotive product launches and promoting some of the world’s most famous automotive events. We also work for many brands and companies in the automotive value stream from some of the world’s most famous car dealers to insurance, the world’s most famous Automobile Club to 5 star car storage.

In short, we are leaders in automotive PR. Wherever your company fits into the automotive sector we have the experience, expertise and network to tailor a perfect solution to your PR needs.

Image credit: Tim Scott