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Automotive Technology PR

Automotive Technology PR
  • Automotive Technology PR

There are several agencies that specialise in Automotive Technology PR and place their clients and stories into the B2B media. Over the last decade, Influence has developed an extensive global B2B automotive related technology media network to do just that. However, where we are different and where we excel, is our ability to also place these tech stories and auto tech clients, in the national and international news agenda.

Leveraging our global network of Tier 1 news media contacts and highly-tuned feel for the news agenda, we have consistently taken our clients from the B2B media and into BBC, CNBC, Reuters, CNN, CCTV, Forbes etc, with significant benefits to their profile and business objectives.

Many of our clients in this area are SMEs or start-ups who have developed a breakthrough technology, product or piece of IP that has significant commercial potential and opportunity to create value for their business. The owners often have little to no brand or marketing experience and need help to promote and commercialise their technology.

With our broad experience we often go significantly beyond our PR brief and help develop a brand strategy for the business and technology. Furthermore, we then create a communications strategy which is often global in reach, before packaging the story and creating a powerful editorial quality video. We then strategically place the company and technology in relevant Global B2B media and global tier 1 news media.

We have used this automotive technology PR model again and again with a very strong track record of success. To find our how we can elevate your business, please do get in touch.