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Influence is a leading motorsport PR agency for commercial vehicles and buses

Creating and delivering Commercial Vehicle communication strategies for global OEMs, specialist low-volume manufacturers and start-ups alike, across all sectors from HGV to last-mile delivery

Influence Associates was created fifteen years ago with the sole aim of becoming the world’s leading Automotive PR Agency by senior leadership team members who have worked in the automotive industry throughout their entire career. Influence’s founding clients were a pioneering Electric Vehicle company and Lithium-ion battery company because, even though at that time the debate around electrification was still far from conclusive, it was clear to us that this was the future.

Our extensive board-level experience at several global OEMs gives us a unique insight into the entire EV ecosystem, from mining critical materials such as Lithium, to component and vehicle manufacturing, home and public charging, through to second-life applications and end-of-life recycling. It is a critical factor that differentiates us from other automotive PR agencies and has enabled us to cement our reputation as the world’s best Automotive PR Agency and Commercial Vehicle PR Agency.

As the world’s leading Automotive PR Agency and Commercial Vehicles and Buses PR Agency, our founding principle and core strength is the promotion of the companies, vehicles, technologies, and the supporting infrastructure, that are driving the future of mobility as the industry moves at pace towards a cleaner, zero-emissions future.

That represents a broad remit, but one we are entirely comfortable with, given our decades of extensive expertise across the entire automotive and mobility ecosystem. Our core team includes six directors with board and C-suite experience in global communications, nine award-winning journalists and former editors of some of the world’s leading technical publications,

Widely regarded as the world’s leading Automotive PR Agency and Commercial Vehicles and Buses PR Agency, we have the capability and the expertise to provide superior PR support for the companies working on cleaner, smarter and more connected commercial vehicles, and low- and zero-emissions powertrains needed to meet ever more stringent emissions regulations worldwide. These include established OEMs, start-ups bringing disruptive technologies and processes to the industry, and the suppliers developing the motors, batteries and fuel cells which are powering the transition from internal combustion engines to electric drives.

PR communication strategies for zero-emissions mobility solutions in every sector

Commercial vehicles, in all their guises, play an indispensable role in keeping economies moving. In Europe alone, trucks are responsible for more than three-quarters of all freight transported across the continent, making them the true prime-movers in a sophisticated multi-modal logistics system which also includes rail, air, and shipping.

Just like passenger cars, commercial vehicles are subject to increasingly demanding CO2 regulations, and there is no doubt that while the industry is on a clear glidepath towards a zero-emissions future, there are different timelines and different technical requirements across all of the sectors and regions worldwide, as well as widespread variations in the critical supporting infrastructure of Megawatt charging stations and liquid hydrogen refuelling stations which will be essential in realising that zero-emissions future.

That’s why we proudly represent a broad range of clients developing commercial vehicles of all types, including Heavy Goods Vehicles, Medium Goods Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Mini- and Last Mile Commercial Vehicles, Buses and Coaches. And, as well as OEMs, our clients also include the firms developing retrofit electric powertrains, helping fleet operators to extend the working lives of existing fleets to deliver the benefits of reduced lifecycle emissions, lower operating costs, and compliance with Ultra Low Emissions Zones and, of course, contributing to improvements in urban air quality.

We also work with Tier 1 suppliers, Gigafactories, engineering service providers, and charging networks – in addition to the companies helping to decarbonise the Off-Highway, Marine, and Aviation industries. This gives us a truly holistic view of electrification and even deeper insight into the technologies which will deliver increased efficiency, enhanced functionality, and lower cost, whether that’s from next-generation fuel cell stacks, less expensive battery chemistries including Lithium Sulphur and Lithium Iron Phosphate, or improved motors such as axial-flux designs. This deep domain knowledge and all-round understanding enables us to refine your key messages still further.

Just as there is no one perfect technical solution to replace internal combustion, we believe equally as strongly that there is no such thing as a single silver-bullet automotive PR approach. Every client’s needs are unique and must be fully understood and supported by a highly experienced Commercial Vehicles and Buses PR Agency to ensure a successful outcome and fully optimise return on investment in PR services.

As a result, although every PR strategy we develop is always designed to meet the specific requirements of each individual client, one unwavering fundamental principle remains at the core of Influence’s strategic approach – ‘cut-through.’ Whether it’s press releases, photoshoots, social media campaigns, targeted media sell-in, thought leadership, LinkedIn support, media training, or complete PR and communications strategies, we can help. In an ever-more crowded media landscape, our relationships with the world’s most influential, respected, and trusted journalists and titles – across print, online, broadcast, and social – ensure that we can get your stories seen and heard in all the right places.

Ensuring that you get your points across

Through superior, collaboratively crafted and tailored Commercial Vehicle PR strategies, we tell our clients’ stories. We shape their messages, announce product launches, partnerships, technology updates and much more to further awareness and understanding of the unique capabilities that their commercial vehicles deliver. Our unrivalled Commercial Vehicle sector knowledge and experience also allows us to stay abreast of the legislative pressures  – such as Euro 7 – that are also shaping the future direction of Commercial Vehicle design, development and manufacturing.

We specialise in delivering positive press coverage at both product-level and brand-level – for disruptive start-ups and established OEMs alike. Our tailored communication strategies will ensure that your message, not your competitors, cuts through.

Compared to other automotive PR agencies in our sector, we are very much at the forefront of all elements of Commercial Vehicles and Buses PR and the companies and the technologies that are transforming the industry towards a more sustainable, more productive, zero-emissions future.

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