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E-Mobility PR

E-Mobility PR
  • E-Mobility PR

When we set-up Influence over a decade ago, two of our founding clients were an EV company and Lithium battery company. Why? Because even though it was by no means clear back then, we could see this was the future of the automotive industry and as a fledgling PR and communications agency, we wished to become experts in these new technologies and the specific nuances of how to brand, promote and communicate electrically-powered vehicles and e-mobility PR.

Since then, we have gone on to lead communications for the first Volvo EV and work for Tesla; we’ve helped set multiple EV land speed records, represented the first Formula E team and helped launch fast-charging networks across Europe. Influence has led PR strategy and communications for multiple electric cars and companies leading in e-mobility PR.

Our decade of experience has given us a deep understanding of the technology and the broader societal communications and media landscape. This combined knowledge enables us to ensure that our client’s messages and brand gets cut-through in an evermore crowded and competitive sector.

We have also worked for pioneers in connected cars and autonomous vehicles. Compared to other PR agencies in our sector, we are very much at the vanguard of e-mobility PR and the three technologies that are transforming the automotive industry – electrification, autonomous vehicles and the connected car.