Supercars and Hypercars

Influence Associates is the world’s leading supercar and hypercar PR agency

The agency was set up 15 years ago to specialise in the ultra-premium car market. We helped launch the Aston Martin One-77 and since then, we have built a global reputation as the specialist supercar and hypercar PR agency helping to support pretty much every major player in the market over the years.

Our years of experience and knowledge was gained in-house in automotive companies – including working at Board level at Aston Martin – as well as decades working in motorsport in F1, Le Mans and GT racing, forging a unique technology and brand communications strategic approach that crosses over between success in top level racing and the supercar and hypercar market.

Wired into the supercar and Hypercar sectors

Influence Associates is wired into the supercar and hypercar sector like no other PR agency. We live and breathe it. We have helped launch many new supercar brands that are now revered in the market, supported the most famous sports and racing car brands based in Italy, helped establish the new generation of EV Hypercars, launched track-only variants of supercars, helped build the brand of the planet’s most famous restomod company, and launched multiple collector car editions. We have also communicated the tech and managed the PR for many of the technology suppliers to the hypercar companies, worked for the most prestigious supercar dealers and private brokers, managed and promoted the key supercar events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed Supercar Paddock, worked for the top players in in the value chain, from insurance to storage, and work with the most important global opinion formers and influencers on daily basis.

We know that creating and maintaining authentic brand allure, aspiration, and mystique, is key. And PR is key to achieving it.

A brand’s own social media channels and content are important, and we advise many clients on how to optimise this approach. However for supercars and hypercars costing many millions, the power of third party endorsement from global opinion formers is also absolutely essential to creating authentic brand aspiration, credibility and the all-important desire: “I have to have one”. Because nobody needs a supercar or hypercar, but PR creates the want. Influence are experts at creating this aura…no other PR agency is as experienced or connected.

We have the capability and flexibility to support a major OEM or a specialist brand

With our premium automotive PR specialism we have the capability to support a major supercar brand at HQ level, right the way through to delivering a turnkey virtual in-house operation for a supercar start-up – and everything in between. With our market-leading media connections, and connections across the entire premium ecosystem, we are also strong on premium lifestyle PR. No client brief is too large or small. To us it is more interesting what the client represents and what the brand is doing. Many of our clients are leaders in their fields. This continues to drive our passion and fascination for this business with the same power as the first day we opened shop. We never stop learning, and we are hungry to do more and increase our industry-leading position and authority in supercar PR and Hypercar PR.

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Supercar & Hypercar Q&A

Why is working with a specialist Super Car and Hyper Car PR agency better than a generalist PR agency?

PR for Super Cars and Hyper Cars requires specialist knowledge. Expertise, understanding, sector knowledge and having the closest relationships with the global opinion leaders that matter to meet the specialist needs of those producing super cars and hyper cars. We have worked in the automotive sector all our lives and brought that expertise to bear when we launched Influence Associates a decade and a half ago. Influence is regarded as the world’s leading hyper car PR Agency, and as such, has exceptional operational experience supporting clients in highly demanding and often highly sensitive super and hyper car sectors. We focus this expertise to benefit our clients and give them unparalleled access to the global opinion formers they need to project their brand and business to amplify sales. A generalist, tech or automotive PR agency, or less-experienced automotive PR agency just can’t provide this level of sector knowledge. We believe it's the difference between great and good.

What does a Hyper Car PR agency do?

A specialist agency focussing on hyper car PR and super car PR can help companies in many ways. At Influence, we have a proven model that helps clients refine and focus their messaging to really cut through and provide a key point of difference. Having laser-focussed messaging is the first step. We then take your message to key global influencers in the automotive space, such as influential journalists and opinion formers, who in turn amplify that message through respected channels to land and resonate with highly discerning and often difficult to reach potential customers of super and hyper cars. Those channels can be traditional media (print and broadcast), your own channels or the specific targeting of appropriate audiences through social media such as LinkedIn. Powerful storytelling amongst critical audiences is vital to business success.

What Super Car PR and Hyper Car PR services do you offer?

We deliver all the services you would expect from a communication consultancy widely regarded as the world’s best classic car PR agency. This includes developing a brand-building strategy, positioning and key messaging. Having led the way in cutting-edge automotive PR for the past 15 years, we have a global opinion-leading media and influencer network second to none. We work with all forms of new car, historic, classic, and motorsport media and channels to deliver effective targeting. We take a unique approach to each classic car PR communications strategy, collaborating closely with our clients to deliver optimum message cut-through via numerous channels. The channels we deliver through include press releases, feature partnerships with specialist media outlets, dealer website and email communications, and digital and print publications.

What is your approach to Super Car and Hyper Car PR?

At Influence Associates we have a suite of proven automotive PR strategies to deliver results for our clients in the super car and hyper car spaces. We focus intensely on key messaging to ensure it ‘cuts through’ in an ever more crowded marketplace at the right time and through the most effective super car and hyper car OEMs, dealers, and high-end car brokers. As specialists, we have a deep appreciation and understanding of the cars our clients wish to entice their customers with. This differentiates our offer from that of general PR agencies and less experienced automotive PR agencies.

What expertise does your team have?

We have worked in global automotive sector all our lives. Our content creation team is comprised of nine award-winning former editors of some of the world’s leading automotive, historic, and classic car and luxury media, who not only have deep domain knowledge and an enviable contact book but are adept at rapidly disseminating information and producing editorial-grade copy that brings out a client’s key message or USP. This journalistic experience is blended with multiple former Heads of Comms and PR with Board level and C-Suite experience in several automotive OEMs. The team is backed up by experienced event and product launch specialists and content creators that can provide compelling assets for every channel. This mix of skillsets provides senior firepower and capability to our clients with the experience to advise and execute market-leading super car and hyper car PR campaigns.

What type of Super Car and Hyper Car companies do you work with?

As the leading super car PR agency, we work with a broad range of clients across the entire automotive value chain. We are entrusted with providing PR support for some of the highest profile super and hyper car brands in the world and have long standing relationships with leading influencers in the space. We are the leading specialist hyper car and super car PR agency. Contact us on to discuss how we can support you.