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by: Tom Duggan | Date: 11 | 2 | 2019

VUHL Celebrates Show-Stopping start to Pivotal Year

VUHL continues to break new ground after home appearance at Race of Champions in Mexico City

Lightweight supercar manufacturer VUHL is celebrating a stellar start to 2019 as its car took victory at the Race of Champions in Mexico City.

The VUHL 05ROC Edition used for Cup Of Nations on Saturday and Race Of Champions on Sunday had a bespoke suspension setup for the short, twisty circuit and a special engine calibration, allowing Mick Schumacher to claim the ‘Fastest Lap Award’ at the event. This special edition car has a power output of 360bhp, a power-to-weight ratio of 520 hp per tonne and goes from 0-60mph in 3 seconds.


Over 200 guests saw the covers came off the 05RR for the first time. The groundbreaking new car has a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 600 bhp per tonne.

VUHL stole the show at the international motorsport event on Sunday. A host of the world’s finest motorsport stars including Mick Schumacher, David Coulthard, Pierre Gasly and Tom Kristensen got behind the wheel on the circuit. They were quick to praise VUHL’s outstanding characteristics and impervious performance throughout.

F1 race winner Coulthard said of the car:

“I can really see the constant development and evolution. Talking to the drivers here, that is probably their preferred car for this circuit.”

On Monday, guests were then treated to an exclusive look of VUHL’s ultra high-tech facility. This boasts 3000 square metres of operating space with a dedicated engineering and design centre housed within. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure is home to a host of 5-axis milling machines, a monocoque sized autoclave and composites clean room. VIP guests got a tour of the cutting edge elements and the latest vehicles from VUHL.

Centred around Querétaro´s Aerospace Hub, VUHL calls Bombardier and Airbus as neighbours. The advanced manufacturing centre features new cars and super lightweight components with VUHL´s bespoke carbon wheel display.  Furthermore, they also saw VUHL’s unique configurator inside the 200 square metre showroom.

Alongside its Mexican base, VUHL has dealerships across the USA and Europe. These aim to satisfy the expanding market of users wanting a lightweight and dynamic driving experience on the road and race track.

Iker Echeverria, VUHL Technical Director, said:

“This kickstarts a very important year for VUHL, with our cars showcased on the global stage in our home city at Race of Champions. A large number of VIP guests and media have come to look around our state-of-the-art facilities.

“With our high-tech engineering centre and new distributors in place across Mexico, the USA and Europe, we are feeling properly established in key markets on a global level.”

In what was a true takeover, VUHL sponsored the Race of Champions podium, afterparty. VIP guests were treated to limited edition VUHL tequila, courtesy of DOBEL, the finest Cristalino tequila makers.

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