by Stuart Dyble

Automotive PR – In automotive PR news, leading luxury dealer group H.R. Owen’s VIP Services is celebrating a hugely successful first year in operation in 2016, having expanded its talented team and fleet and demonstrated extraordinary customer service.

VIP Services incorporates H.R. Owen Luxury Hire and Chauffeur Drive, with whom you can lease the most sought-after premium models in the world or be chauffeured by the very best and most knowledgeable drivers around.

The fleet and team have expanded immensely since launch at the start of last year, as four cars became 25 and five members of staff turned into a 15-strong team.

With premium cars from Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Range Rover available, H.R. Owen offers the latest, most desirable models in the world to cater for every need.

H.R. Owen is forever pushing the boundaries to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and VIP Services constantly went beyond the call of duty for its clients over the course of 2016.

From driving a Rolls-Royce customer hundreds of extra miles through Europe after only being commissioned to head to Calais to bringing a client’s car in from Germany within 20 hours of the request as a matter of emergency, VIP Services demonstrated exactly why they’re considered the best.

Once customers have sampled VIP Services, they instantly recognise the remarkable service, become clients for life and benefit from its around-the-clock dedication. Over the Christmas period, VIP Services didn’t take a single minute off to enjoy the festivities, such was its commitment to its clients. And it was kept forever busy by customers needing to arrive in style at events or rush to last-minute flights around the world.

It’s this type of stellar service that separates Chauffeur Drive from the competition, as does the fact that all of its cars are brand new, in showroom condition and never go over 6,000 miles or six months old. Luxury Hire also offers unrivalled access to the very best cars in the H.R. Owen group and allows the client to hand pick the exact model they want.


Head of VIP Services Abbass Zadeh said: “Nothing is above and beyond for H.R. Owen – going beyond the call of duty is simply standard practice. We have enjoyed fantastic success in 2016 thanks to our unrivalled service. We have so many examples of how we’ve surpassed expectations, including being phoned up by a groom-to-be the day before his wedding saying his chauffeur company had let him down. We stepped in without fuss to make sure he had the perfect day. H.R. Owen is famed for its incredible customer service and we’re at the beck and call of our clients 24/7, no matter the request.”

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