by Fabien Roth

World-leading design and innovation company Seymourpowell has announced its plans to showcase an exciting, new design tool at this year’s London Motor Show that uses VR technology to respond to current challenges within the automotive industry.

Seymourpowell believe the tool can help automotive companies shorten the time from napkin sketch to showroom floor, and become more agile and reactive in the design process.

The new VR design tool Seymourpowell will be unveiling takes a huge step in this direction; the company will demonstrate how it could reduce design time, allowing businesses to meet consumer demands quicker than ever before.

Alec Mumford, Chairman of The London Motor Show, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome along Seymourpowell to The London Motor Show. Their innovative design tools are paramount to pushing the boundaries of engineering and design prowess in the motoring world. The London Motor Show has a massive public and motor industry audience, who will be keen to see the latest in technological advances from Seymourpowell.”

Richard Seale, lead automotive designer at Seymourpowell, commented: “Our new VR design tool allows us to design cars in a way that I never thought possible. It not only drastically streamlines the design process, it also allows for full-scale, real-time creative design based around real engineering data. It takes collaborating with engineers, designers, modelers and ultimately clients to a whole new level. Being a London-based design company, The London Motor Show could not be a better place to showcase our new tool.”

Seymourpowell have been designing and innovating in just about every area for over 30 years, from aviation and automotive, to consumer electronics and FMCG goods. Today the imagination and expertise of their multidisciplinary team in London ensures that they remain leaders in design and innovation across multiple sectors at an international level.

More details on Seymourpowell’s new design tool to be announced in due course in advance of The London Motor Show.

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