Motorsport PR – In motorsport PR news, it’s easy to assume that innovations born from motorsport’s challenging and competitive environment only have value within the sport, but as Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) CEO, Chris Aylett has outlined this would be a mistaken view.

“In recent years, UK motorsport businesses have substantially increased sales in ‘cross sector horizontal innovation’. It’s important for the future of motorsport to engage automotive, defense, marine, aerospace, medical sectors and others too.”


“The capabilities demanded by engineering customers in motorsport are really quite unique, and are proving to be valuable, attractive assets to other sectors.”


“Time is precious in every sector. Suppliers within motorsport are agile, innovative, R&D based and always deliver on time. With many new solutions needed fast in automotive powertrains, for example, the time is right the capabilities of motorsport to come to the fore.”


“Horizontal innovation taking technologies across to other sectors is great news for the financial success of motorsport. The sport is seasonal, so new work from other sectors spreads income throughout the year. Firms find new collaborators, new funding partners and are increasing their productivity by more fully utilising their resources over twelve months of the year.”


“Access to wider sources of innovation is also vital to motorsport, where suppliers can learn from and incorporate new ideas and developments. What’s more, there are many sectors yet to be approached with even more untapped sources of innovation.”

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