Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire, UK July 2016 – Omologato proudly presented its ‘Spirit of Shelsley’ award to Chris Jaques, owner of the 1934 Maserati 8CM driven at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb Classic Nostalgia event at the weekend.

Bought originally by Whitney Straight in 1934 who in the same year broke the hill climb record at Shelsley Walsh with a time of just 40 seconds, the Maserati 8CM has been raced extensively over the course of its impressive history.  In 1936 the car was bought by Prince Bira of Siam, who campaigned the 8CM for over a decade. The Prince’s first act was to change the Maserati’s colour from it’s original white to the paint it retains to this day, known as ‘Bira blue’. The Prince won the BRDC road racing gold star three years in a row in the 8CM. He was also the first driver to lap Phoenix Park at over 100mph, and set 1500cc records at Donington and Crystal Palace which went unbeaten in the pre-war era.

Chris Jaques, heir to the croquet and equipment manufacturer, purchased and restored the celebrated car in 2007, which Rob Newell drove at the Shelsey Walsh Hill Climb this year.


Omologato joined Shelsley Walsh and the Classic Nostalgia this year as official watch partner, with a new Omologato clock adorning the roof of Vox Villa, the very place where Murray Walker started his career in motorsport commentary.  The Spirit of Shelsley award also took the shape of a one-off Omologato watch, inspired by the Midland Automobile Club, so famously associated with the iconic hill climb.

Omologato founder, Shami Kalra, said: “We are proud to present the ‘Spirit of Shelsley’ award to a person who exemplifies the passion and spirit of Shelsley Walsh. Chris Jaques, in so tastefully restoring the Maserati 8CM to its former glory and in sharing his illustrious car at Classic Nostalgia, has won the weekend’s admiration of motoring aficionados and Omologato Watches. Chris and his car have been a big highlight for me.”

This year’s event marked the Midland Automobile Club’s 111 years at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. The celebration included Hans Joachim Stuck driving the incredible Type C Auto Union V16 up the hill, exactly 80 years after his father did so famously at Shelsley Walsh.