The Outlierman company was formed with a mission to handcraft a range of accessories inspired by the breath-taking beauty, supreme quality and timeless appeal of the world’s most iconic cars. Now, with the introduction of The Outlierman suede driving gloves, ‘The Powerslide’, the company is raising the bar higher still, by enabling customers to design their own racing-inspired driving gloves to match their car and further celebrate the romance of the open road and track.

 The Outlierman was born out of a desire to create the finest automotive accessories, and now the Italian company is launching its all-new glove model to enable customers to design their own racing-inspired suede gloves, to complement their vehicle interiors.

“I founded The Outlierman company when I was looking for accessories that would enable me to enjoy driving my Aston Martin, Jaguar and Porsche models even more but could not find anything suitable on the market. I still remember the thrill of choosing the materials and colours for those first items. Now, with ‘The Powerslide’ racing-inspired driving gloves by The Outlierman, customers can experience the same pleasure as they liaise with our designers to create gloves that are deeply personal to them and of course, match their car interiors,” explains Andrea Mazzuca, founder of The Outlierman.

Customers can begin the process by visiting The Outlierman website and selecting the appropriate glove size, before the product is handmade by Italian artisans to match their exacting requirements. Customers are welcome to add as many additional items as they wish – all of which can be specified to the same colour scheme as your gloves.

Suede: Symbol of High-Performance Driving

For decades, suede has been used in high-performance cars – both classic and modern – to provide grip for racing drivers in many ways, whether that be in the seats, on steering wheels, in the material of the driving gloves or on interior surfaces.

Suede gloves have always been considered more valuable than leather ones, both for the greater rarity of the raw material and the type of processing involved in crafting the product.

“Suede is a one-of-a-kind leather because it’s worked by sanding the grain of the hide, obtaining a superior writing effect and an even more delicate to the touch and silky surface.

“The distinctive sign of suede, which allows easy recognition, is precisely the writing effect: simply touch the surface and it will change colour creating lines and drawings. Given its preciousness, suede requires extreme attention in the cutting and working phases – even scraps are precious!”, says Mr. Mazzuca.

The Style Inspiration

“This model of suede gloves is inspired by both classic and modern sports cars and is the perfect match for cars with suede interiors, recalling the colour contrast that you typically find on the seats, steering wheels and gear shift covers of racing cars,” explains Mr. Mazzuca.

The Outlierman’s new driving gloves, which come in the launch colours of grey and racing red, are sporty and inspire performance – so was therefore appropriately named, ‘The Powerslide’ collection. More colour combinations for these gloves will be released by The Outlierman each month hereafter.

“The colours celebrate supercars produced by iconic manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Porsche. To give even more personality to this model, we chose a seam in contrasting colours and made with a very thick thread,” said Mr. Mazzuca.

‘The Powerslide’ glove collection is 100% handmade in Italy. From the sum of refined materials and handcrafting entirely carried out in Italy comes a model of driving gloves full of personality and committed for the best result.

The Seam

Sensuously styled and consummately crafted, The Outlierman accessories are also famed for their unique design features.

“Our Craftsmen call this seam the ‘rock and roll stitching’, because it appears to be introduced by the Americans in the 50’s and for its particular zigzag, very lively pattern. It’s a very difficult process when handcrafting: you have to be very careful because at the slightest mistake the glove “disassembles” itself with a domino effect. It’s a very rare handcrafting process: in Italy, only 4/5 people have the skill to perform this seam!” explains Mr. Mazzuca.

The full Outlierman range can be found here.