Exceptional Mk 8 Fiesta ST transformed with substantial power and torque gains

The new Ford Fiesta ST has had its shackles removed by mountune’s latest upgrade. The m225 package for the Mk 8 Fiesta ST increases power and torque without losing safety or reliability. The new upgrade is being launched alongside the mTune SMARTflash app. This allows users to install and update vehicle calibrations in minutes from their smartphone.

SMARTflash system makes life easier

With mTune SMARTflash app and the supplied Bluetooth OBD interface, Fiesta ST owners can completely change their vehicle. The SMARTflash system simplifies selection between different calibrations, allowing users to change the vehicle to suit their needs. SMARTflash enables mountune customers to update their vehicle and includes a convenient VIN and calibration ID reader.

“SMARTflash makes it incredibly easy for our customers to switch between vehicle calibrations just using their phone,” explained David Moore, Director of mountune performance. “It adds a new level of convenience and functionality to our packages and embodies our forward-thinking approach to vehicle performance upgrades. The new Fiesta ST is the perfect platform to launch this DIY-friendly, pioneering technology. No laptop, no wires, no handsets – no problem!”

Improved Power and Torque

Most notably, the ST’s peak power has been increased to 225PS with torque increased all the way to 340Nm. Furthermore, the 1.5-litre 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine now delivers torque earlier and across the rev-range, transforming its acceleration. As a result, the package allows for 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds and cuts a second from Ford’s in-gear 31-62mph benchmark.

“With m225 and our innovative new SMARTflash system, owners can safely increase the performance of the Fiesta ST with unprecedented ease,” continued David. “With that almost instantaneous delivery of torque the ST really comes alive, but you also have peace of mind in knowing that this is an engineered upgrade. As with all mountune packages, the m225 has undergone extensive performance and durability testing with all safety parameters retained. As a result, this is not just the best upgrade for the Fiesta ST, it is also the most robust.”

Three distinct calibrations are included with the m225 upgrade, providing users with a range of practical options. First of all, the m225 Performance calibration delivers a more aggressive launch control strategy and enhanced audible exhaust output in Sport/Track modes. Finally, there are two other calibrations: Stock Performance and Anti-Theft. The former returns the vehicle to its standard configuration and the latter fully immobilises the vehicle.

The new upgrade is available in two versions that support all known regional variations of Ford’s latest hot hatch. Finally, ST owners from across the world can install and remove the upgrade anywhere in the world whenever.

The complete m225 package includes:

  • SMARTflash EVI Bluetooth OBD adapter
  • mTune SMARTflash app, available for both Android and Apple
  • 3 useful calibrations: Performance, Stock and Anti-Theft
  • High-flow induction kit
  • mountune badge
  • mountune zip-up shell case

There is also an mTune SMARTflash m225 light option for owners who have already installed the uprated induction kit.

For more information on the exhilarating m225 upgrade or SMARTflash, please visit www.mountunestore.com