• Three models shown on opening night already sold
  • VIP guests including Mexican Government representatives, Economy Secretariat, racing driver Guillermo Rojas Senior, Surman Group
  • Follows international distribution partnerships in the UK and Middle East established in 2015

VUHL, the Mexican lightweight supercar maker established in 2010 is celebrating its most successful year to date with the opening of a brand new flagship showroom in Mexico City’s fashionable Polanco district.

Part of the Surman Group’s site in Polanco’s Campos Eliseos (Mexico City’s Champs Elisees), the new VUHL showroom is situated among the Group’s other brands including Bentley and Ducati.  Surman is one of Mexico’s largest automotive retailers, established over 30 years, with some 80 showrooms representing brands including Audi, Bentley, Ducati, Porsche and now VUHL.

Hot on the heels of VUHL cars going on sale in the UK for the first time with Bespoke Performance and the world debut of the new 600BHP-Per-Tonne VUHL 05RR at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2016 marks the company’s most successful year to date, with all cars displayed at the new showroom opening in Mexico City now sold.


Some 100 guests including new customers and VIPs attended the new showroom’s opening – co-designed by VUHL technical director, Iker Echeverria and architect Alejandro Esparza.

VUHL co-founder Guillermo Echeverria said: “This is a very special year for VUHL, we feel properly established in 2016, with a good number of cars sold, new distribution partners in the UK and Middle East and the launch of our ultimate 05RR.  Our new showroom here in our home city literally cements our business as a proud Mexican product with a global vision – we plan to emulate this design and feel in our other key markets around the world.”

The new two-storey showroom features three new cars, a monocoque structure (just 78kg) to demonstrate the vehicle’s super-lightweight underpinnings, more lightweight components with VUHL´s bespoke carbon wheel display, exclusive merchandise, while on the upper floor is a unique VUHL configurator and test drive booking service.