Classic Car PR – In classic car PR news, renowned vintage Bentley specialist William Medcalf knows a thing or two about what is needed to maintain the finest vintage Bentleys in the world. Not only does William Medcalf Vintage Bentley design and fabricate its own parts in-house, it also offers a range of selected items that perfectly compliment the vintage Bentley lifestyle, from strong traditional tow ropes to leather tool bags.

The latest addition to the Medcalf collection of hand-chosen accessories is a copper hammer, built to last and ready to be taken around the world, as many of his clients do in their vintage Bentleys.

Classic Car PR: William Medcalf Vintage Bentley has created the perfect hammer

What makes this hammer special, over all others, is that it comes in two finishes. You may be a fan of the fully restored look, where shine matters more than hard-driven battle scars. For the owner who favours an as-new appearance, William will happily despatch a brand new, pristine copper hammer…untouched by human hand and ready for use. The price of perfection? £140.

Others prefer a well-used appearance where wear means character. If your tool kit is bursting with tools passed down over the years, or those engrained with oil and grease from thousands of miles and many years, you may prefer the second finish option. Pre-applied patina.

To obtain a look that would take a home enthusiast many years to achieve, William issues the hammers to his workshop team to use on clients’ cars. The end result is an authentic look of darkened wood handles from oil, grease and hard work. The head worn from hours of work, bedded in to perfection and ready to be placed in any vintage car while looking like it has been a part of the car from new. How do you price patina? William values it as £10, with this hammer being offered at £150.

If you know someone who might like one for Christmas, the Medcalf team guarantee Christmas delivery for any orders placed before 20th December. To do so, all you need to do is contact the team at admin@vintagebentley.com

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