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In historic car PR news, Bicester Heritage have built a reputation as a centre for historic automotive excellence. As a result, the site has a vision to create a home for automotive past, present and future. Plans have been submitted for the next stage in creating a unique automotive resort.

Submitted plans are for a 344-room hotel on the former RAF Bicester site. Five years ago, saw the transformation of the site from a ruined state. However, now, Bicester Heritage is a thriving centre for over 35 classic and vintage car specialists.

Dan Geoghegan, Managing Director of Bicester Heritage, commented. “We very much look forward to welcoming enthusiasts to our motoring hotel. Guests will be able to experience a range of automotive destinations on a single site. Offerings include the existing centre of excellence for historic motorcars, a private track, exhibition hangars, OEM brand centre and future technology.

Historic Car PR: Bicester Heritage plans further expansion of former RAF Bicester with proposed addition of 344-room hotel on site

Dexter Moren

Designed by leading British designer and car enthusiast Dexter Moren, the hotel will use materials inspired by existing pre-war RAF Bicester buildings. As well as that, the hotel will use the dimensions and orientation as the 1936 C-Type hangars.

Designer Dexter Moren said. “Hospitality specialist architects and interior designers, Dexter Moren Associates, are thrilled to have been selected to design a landmark hotel within a former RAF base. The hotel will form part of the Bicester Heritage master plan vision focusing on motorcars and aeroplanes. 

The design objective has been to respond in a contemporary manner to the site’s rich and unique story. Plus, draw inspiration from its historic position at the forefront of aviation, engineering, and innovation. Meanwhile, complementing the existing period buildings.

Planned Hotel Amenities

Subtle details will unite the voguish design with the heritage of the site. For example, the expanded steel mesh covers the curve of the building in homage to RAF Bicester’s past as a camouflage training centre.  Meanwhile, the overall build follows the lines of adjacent hangars.

Furthermore, alongside amenities such as top-tier restaurant, bar, courtyard, gym, swimming pool and sauna, the hotel will offer an immersive experience for car enthusiasts.

The stunning four-storey atrium has been conceived to showcase rotating automotive themed exhibitions and displays. Also, in line with the vision, displays will feature cars of the past alongside the very best cars of the present and future.

The hotel will be adjacent to a raised earth bank complete with Mille Miglia-style start line. Consequently, Bicester Heritage will be an ideal start point for rallies while offering guests an inimitable view from their rooms.

The addition of the hotel will allow guests to spend more time within the Bicester hub. Conveniently, guests can witness all the site has to offer, from the circuit, skills, airfield and events.

Location Opportunities

Situated in the heart of Motorsport Valley allows guests to experience the UK’s pioneering automotive industry beyond Bicester Heritage. Furthermore, nearby are numerous Formula One teams, Silverstone Circuit and several electric and autonomous technology firms.

This hotel is the next stage in Bicester Heritage’s vision to become the world’s leading automotive resort. The first component of this was the successful execution of the historic section, and its fifty buildings. Further plans are in motion to showcase the rest of the automotive world in an inclusive, experiential and innovative fashion.

Further plans include building luxury leisure residencies within the 425-acre resort. As well as that, motor lodges will allow individuals to stay with their car and be adjacent to the private recreational driver’s circuit.

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