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by: Tom Duggan | Date: 1 | 4 | 2019

Ultra Fast Sequential Shifting Unlocked for MK2 Focus

Quaife QKE45Z enables ultra-fast and reliable gear shifting in Mk2 Focus models

Montune has launched a Quaife sequential gearbox, providing owners of Mk2 Ford Focus models with faster gearshifts. Ford’s M66 gearbox pairs with the 5-speed sequential gearkit; fitted predominantly to the Mk2 Focus models, including ST and RS derivatives, it also works for some Volvo models.

David Moore, Director of mountune Performance

“We are excited to bring Mk2 Focus owners the quick and consistent Quaife sequential gearbox they’ve always wanted, available exclusively through mountune. It provides a great performance upgrade over the standard manual shifter and feels extremely engaging as a driver. It’s always exciting to provide our customers with the opportunity to transform and enhance the way their cars drive, and this is no exception.”

Montune has hand built all gearboxes at their HQ in Essex to customer specification. The QKE45Z gearkit retains the original bellhousing and features a strengthened outer casing. A drum style shift mechanism provides fast and reliable gear changes while five wider-than- standard gears provide additional strength. The QKE45Z is available with two final drive options for straight-cut gear sets and one helical engagement option.

The company has also developed a bespoke gearbox breather system for the Mk2 Focus, a necessity when running the QKE45Z. The system mounts to the bulkhead and includes a breather tank and filter alongside race lines and fittings. For flat-shifting, a Geartronic ignition-cut module is available when retaining the OE Powertrain Control Module (PCM). For alternative aftermarket PCMs, a load-cell is available.

Iterations of many iconic Volvos use the M66 and the QKE45Z can be adapted to suit the following: C30, S40, V50, S60, C70 and V70. In non-RS Focus and Volvo applications, a Quaife ATB limited slip differential is recommended, if not being fitted to a Focus RS (where it was fitted as standard) and is also available through mountune.

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