Windrush offers car owners the chance to give their beloved vehicle the ultimate VIP treatment by storing it in one of their ultra-luxurious facilities in the UK.

Established in 2004 by Tim Earnshaw, Windrush has two state-of-the-art storage centres: one in the thick of it in Central London and the second in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. Both are famed for giving customers’ vehicles the same luxury treatment owners would expect to give them ultimate peace of mind.

Windrush was born out of Tim’s personal desire to store his beloved Morgan recreation with the kind of care he desperately wanted to give it. As Tim was often on the move working for Ferrari Formula One around the globe, keeping his car somewhere safe and under surveillance was of the utmost importance; and thus, Windrush was born.

What makes Windrush unique in the market is its remarkable level of attention to detail; it’s a luxury spa for cars with talented and qualified staff pampering clients’ pride and joy with the utmost care and skill. Whatever the client request to Windrush, the answer is always ‘yes’.

All cars that come through the exclusive doors of Windrush are treated to the very best care and are fully managed throughout their stay. Not only are they subject to a full valet and detail service, but they’re also kept in a high-security, dehumidified and climate-controlled environment to ensure conditions are ideal.

Plus, cars are checked daily and benefit from a soft, breathable cover while parked in a capacious bays. Around-the-clock security, daily checks and connection to an automatic battery conditioner adds to the pampering.

Windrush has expanded massively since it was established 13 years ago out of Founder Earnshaw’s desire to find the perfect storage solution for his Morgan recreation, and it’s still continuing to grow.

Founder and owner of Windrush, Tim Earnshaw, said: “This is the very pinnacle of car storage in the UK; we treat cars as if they’re our own and make sure they are subject to the most luxurious service possible to keep owners’ minds at ease. During my years at Ferrari Formula One, meticulous attention to detail was everything; and our staff work from the same play book. They’re all RoSPA [advance driver] trained, too, which gives hundreds of car lovers the confidence to hand over the keys to their pride and joy. We welcome all kinds of cars and give every model the exact same attention, no matter what it is. There’s no better place to store your car and we’re very excited to continue our expansion over the coming months.”

Video: what Windrush is all about: