By Debra Choong

Automotive PR – In automotive PR news, Hexagon Classics is offering for sale one of the most revered Ferrari ‘Berlinetta Boxer’ – an immaculate 365 GT4 BB, one of just 58 cars brought to the UK.

Launched at the 1971 Turin Auto Show, the range-topping 365 GT4 BB was Ferrari’s first road-going model with a mid-mounted flat-12 cylinder engine, a layout inspired by Ferrari’s three-litre F1 cars.

Gaining the nickname ‘Boxer’ because of its opposing piston design, the 4,390 cc engine produced 380hp and featured four Weber twin-choke carburettors. Released in late 1973 a total of 387 cars were built until the
512 BB replacement arrived in 1976.

The 365 GT4 BB is regarded as the original and purest of all the Berlinetta Boxer models. It features eye-catching styling treatments such as triple rear lights and ‘pea-shooter’-style exhaust pipes, marking it out from the later 512 BB models, which remained in production until 1984.

Together with its relatively short production run and the fact it was much lighter than 512 BB-badged cars, the 365 GT4 BB is regarded as the most valuable and sought-after of the entire Boxer family, making it a must-have in any Ferrari enthusiast’s car collection.

Originally supplied new in 1975 through Maranello Concessionaires, Surrey, chassis number 18153 is perhaps one of the finest Boxers currently on sale anywhere in the world.

It has benefitted from an extensive yet sympathetic restoration with works carried out by a leading Ferrari marque specialist and no limitations placed on cost. The entire interior is original and very well preserved.

Presented in Rosso Chiaro paintwork with Nero leather and having covered 43,570 miles from new, this 365 GT4 BB also comes with full Ferrari Classiche certification, two sets of keys, all original handbooks, original cased tool kit and a very extensive sheaf of service invoices and receipts.


Hexagon Classics Chairman Paul Michaels said: “The 365 GT4 BB is rightly regarded as one of the ultimate boxer-engined Ferraris. It’s the supercar that kick-started a long Maranello love affair with the flat 12-cylinder engine, which continued through the years with the 512 BB, 512 BBi, Testarossa, 512TR and finally the 512MM.

“The purest of them all, the 365 GT4 BB deserves a place in any classic car enthusiast’s collection and the example we are privileged to have on sale right now is outstanding. It has been treated to one of the most extensive, money-no-object restorations I’ve ever seen – but the work has not come at the expense of originality, with an interior that exhibits the most wonderful patina.

“Opportunities to own a car like this don’t come up very often, particularly not a rare right-hand-drive car of which only 58 came to the UK. Move quick is all I will say – this won’t hang around long.”

This Ferrari 365 GT4 BB is available to view now at Hexagon Classics’ flagship showroom in north London.

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