• Fixter, the UK’s first end-to-end online car maintenance service, is doing its bit to help vulnerable people in London, the worst hit city during the COVID-19 crisis, by offering London-based customers over the age of 65, the opportunity to request delivery of essential items when their cars are collected and returned.
  • Anyone can book online a car MOT, service or repair, either for themselves or on behalf of their relative, friend or neighbour, who is over the age of 65, and then request the additional help such as the delivery of essential supplies.
  • Fixter will then contact the person making the booking the day before the car is picked-up to check the help required and ask its drivers to help wherever practically possible.
  • Fixter has found that demand for its “physical-contact free” service has increased significantly over the last week and recent days as customers want to minimise contact and not leave their homes.
  • Fixter has this week stepped-up sanitising cleansing measures of vehicle steering wheel, gear levers, driving controls and interior and exterior door handles and provides further reassurance of “physical-contact-free” service with no need to sign documents or touch the screen of a handheld computer device.
  • Fixter drivers wash their hands with soap and water and use sanitiser gels at regular intervals, whilst maintaining social distance and wearing protective gloves.
  • A strong network of garage partners and the latest networking digital technology enable Fixter to remain fully operational and ensure customers’ needs are met whilst staff work at home.
  • Fixter operations are under daily review to respond to government instructions to the crisis.

Limvirak Chea, Founder and CEO of Fixter, said: “We have seen the demand for Fixter’s online service increase significantly over the last week and days, as customers want to minimise physical contact and for those wishing to stay in their homes.”

“This got us thinking, how could we further help the most vulnerable and do our bit to help in the COVID-19 crisis? So, from today, we are offering customers over the age of 65 – in London – the opportunity to request additional help from the drivers collecting and returning their car – such as picking up essential supplies.”

“When customers most in need of help book their car in for a MOT, service or repair, either online or by calling us, or through a friend, family or neighbour, they can now request this additional support. To make this possible, we will contact eligible customers the day before we collect their car to ask if they require us to collect any essential items. We will treat each request on a case-by-case basis and will endeavour to help as many customers as we possibly can.”

For more information, please visit: www.fixter.co.uk