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Creating and delivering global communication strategies to give global OEMs the edge and build differentiated brands for car company start-ups

Influence Associates was created to be the world’s leading Automotive PR Agency fifteen years ago by senior leadership team members who have worked at senior levels in the global automotive industry their entire professional lives.

Among the best automotive PR firms in the world, we give OEMs and car company start-ups an edge through the combination of our extensive board-level experience at numerous OEMs, the storytelling power of our unrivalled team of ex-editors, our global media network, and our leadership in EVs and e-mobility, helping OEMs to transition and start-ups accelerate their journey.

These factors differentiate us from other automotive PR agencies and have enabled us to cement our reputation as the best Automotive PR Agency in the UK, Europe, and the world.

Our status as the leading automotive PR specialists means we have been consistently chosen by numerous global automotive OEMs, car companies and OE2s over the past decade and a half at HQ and regional level.

As car company PR specialists, we have also assisted many global start-ups to progress successfully from stealth mode to scale-up and beyond. We support with strategy and execution for product launch, content and media packs, key opinion leading editorial media placement, technology and design PR, corporate and issues management, lifestyle PR and event PR. And in addition to developing and implementing start-up car company PR strategies, we also draw on our specialist PR industry expertise to provide senior guidance and counsel to help automotive start-ups formulate and deliver their launch and growth strategies.

Rapid response

Automotive PR reputation management and car company PR crisis management are also part of our offer to our partners. While we have built a reputation as the world’s leading Automotive PR Agency, we are passionate about maintaining an agile and ultra-responsive mindset with the ability to deliver a rapid response to your automotive PR reputation management and car company PR crisis needs 24/7.

Many of our senior account management team have also worked within the global automotive industry before transitioning to a career in the best Automotive PR Agency. We never lose sight of the fact that each client we work with is unique, with a specific culture, offer, and requirements. It is our duty to immerse ourselves fully in those elements to ensure we gain a complete understanding. We pride ourselves that our collective ‘manufacturer-side’ experience enables us to swiftly, efficiently, and effectively onboard that knowledge – from overarching strategy to the minutiae of product detail.

Targeted delivery

Our seasoned automotive PR specialists can pivot rapidly to embed with in-house communications divisions and respond to specific needs, whether providing a complete product launch strategy, hosting journalists on a factory visit, or preparing executives with media training for a press interview. And with nine award-winning former journalists and editors on the team adroit at identifying, creating, and placing stories with key opinion-forming media most relevant to your offer, we will ensure that your messages cut through with maximum effect.

For a confidential consultation to see how we can leverage our expertise as car PR specialists to support your brand, please contact us here.

Who we work with

OEMs and Car Companies Q&A

Why is working with a specialist Automotive OEM PR agency and car company PR agency better than a generalist PR agency?

Put simply, it is about expertise, understanding, sector knowledge and having the closest relationships with the global opinion leaders that matter to automotive OEMS, car companies and start-up car companies. We have worked in the automotive sector all our lives and brought that expertise to bear when we launched Influence Associates a decade and a half ago. Influence is regarded as the world’s leading automotive PR Agency and car company PR specialists, and as such, has exceptional operational experience working with the leading players in the automotive OEM, car company and start-up car company sectors. We focus this expertise to benefit our Automotive OEM PR, Car Company PR and Start-up Car Company PR clients and give them unparalleled access to the global opinion formers they need to project their brand and business. A generalist, tech or consumer agency, or less-experienced automotive PR agency just can’t provide this level of sector knowledge. We believe it's the difference between great and good.

What does a Car Company PR agency do?

A top specialist agency focussing on Automotive OEM PR, Car Company PR and Start-up Car Company PR can help bands in many ways. At Influence, we have a proven model that helps clients refine and focus their messaging to really cut through and provide a key point of difference. Having laser-focussed messaging is the first step. We then take your message to key global influencers in the automotive space, such as influential journalists and opinion formers, who in turn amplify that message through respected channels. Those channels can be traditional media (print and broadcast), your own channels or the specific targeting of appropriate audiences through social media such as LinkedIn. Powerful brand building amongst critical audiences is vital to business success – and as the best car PR specialists in the world, is something we deliver on a daily basis.

What Car Company PR services do you offer?

We deliver all the services you would expect from the best automotive PR agency. This includes developing a brand-building strategy, positioning and key messaging. Having led the way in cutting-edge automotive PR for the past 15 years, we have a global opinion-leading media and influencer network second to none. We work with all forms of media and channels to deliver effective targeting. Influence has managed and supported the launch of hundreds of vehicles, from content and event production through to social media and community management. We are very much promoters as well as protectors, so reputation management and 24/7 automotive PR crisis management are also part of our client offering.

What is your approach to Automotive OEM PR and Start-up Car Company PR?

At Influence Associates we have a suite of proven automotive PR strategies to deliver results for automotive brands with more than a century of history, to start-ups bringing a new proposition to the sector. For the latter, we help bring brands from early-stage, stealth mode through a number of phases, each building on the last to introduce the businesses to key opinion formers. We are very focused on key messaging to ensure it ‘cuts through’ in an ever more crowded marketplace at the right time and through the most effective channel for our start-up car company clients. For businesses that are already in the market, we use similar tools but focus on amplification and mass awareness. All this ensures your brand and comms is clearly differentiated from competitors and we support you in delivering your business objectives.

What expertise does your team have?

Forming the team behind the best car PR company in the UK, in Europe, and the world, we have worked in global automotive sector all our lives. Our content creation team is comprised of nine award-winning former editors of some of the world’s leading automotive and technology media, who not only have deep domain knowledge and an enviable contact book but are adept at rapidly disseminating information and producing editorial-grade copy that brings out a client’s key message or USP. This journalistic experience is blended with multiple former Heads of Comms and PR with Board level and C-Suite experience in several automotive OEMs. The team is backed up by experienced event and product launch specialists and content creators that can provide compelling assets for every channel. This mix of skillsets provides senior firepower and capability to our clients with the experience to advise and execute market-leading Automotive OEM PR, car company PR and start-up car company PR from the world’s leading Automotive PR agency.

What type of car companies do you work with?

As the leading Automotive PR agency, we work with a broad range of clients across the entire automotive manufacturing ecosystem. We are entrusted with providing PR support for some of the largest automotive OEMs in the world and have longstanding relationships with leading automotive performance and luxury brands. We also represent the interests of passenger car PR clients and have consistently been chosen by leading global automotive brands to provide support through the creation and delivery of holistic, targeted PR strategies. We have also helped more than ten start-up car companies emerge from stealth mode and launch their products to a global audience and achieve scale-up. We are the leading and specialist Automotive PR agency. Contact us on to discuss how we can support you.